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Support for Childbirth and Children

Packet for different services to help the evolution of a new life.

  • 15 minutos
  • Contact me for info
  • You will recieve a Quantum diagram for create the water, and the audio track

Description of the service

TO BE BORN: TO PASS FROM ONE WORLD TO ANOTHER. How do we live through? this passage? The way we move through the birth process will impact how we live our lives. Our parents fear, projected onto us, heavy energies present in the hospital, feeling in a foreign world, not recognizing where we belong, etc.. all these experiences (along with many others) influence our birth. This package will help the child in several ways to not carry these weights into his/her future life. Contents: 1. A Quantum diagram to create a frequency generator with a bottle or other closed container (through water), the water will become the vehicle from which an energy/vibration will constantly come to help the baby in the passage into this physical world and to acclimate in the best possible way. Fears, emotions, and projections received from parents, traumas from the birth itself, etc.. will be cleaned, help the infant navigate the physical world, without losing it's identity and uniqueness. (The diagram is in jpg format). 2. An audio track programmed to continue with the previous effects, understand, accept and acclimate in the best way to this physical world in the first months of life. (The audio track is in mp3 format). Suggestion: Put the bottle/other container with the water in their room and play the music at least once a day for 15 minutes/half an hour. FAQ: How does this service work? This service is received remotely: It is enough to contact me. How does the quantum diagram work? Touch a bottle (or other container) full of water for an instant and the water will be programmed and ready to use, leaving it in the place where the baby will be born/where they will be (it is not necessary to print out the diagram, it can be used directly from the screen). What is inside the water and on the audio? The audio track and the water contain various Quantum programs that include: The help of the DOLPHINS archetype as a guide in this world, the TRANSMUTATION of the projections of fear that the parents had, teaching the baby that this world is not a dangerous place, the cleaning of the TRAUMAS of birth, first breath and first milk (which at the human level affect several areas), etc.. NOTES: If you need help of any kind contact me to check if it is possible to create a specific water/audio track.

Contact details


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico

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