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About me

My name is Ramon Sist and I am a Connector of Worlds. My great passion is my on-going research and practice in the field of holistic health and well-being: Holistic-treating the whole person. As a child I wanted to be an archaeologist and an astronaut, dreams that I have never forgotten. Dreams that have fueled my search of ancient wisdom teachings, forgotten centuries ago, with a deep dive into the new field of quantum theory and vibrational healing. In combining the old teachings with the new technologies, I am reintroducing them in an understandable and practical way allowing for a broader perspective of who we are as human beings. In my healing practice I synthesis these two dreams as I help my clients and students make quantum leaps in their capacity to heal themselves and others. In a word, Evolve. As a Connector of Worlds I: Add something.. unite and improve everything in order to accelerate personal and planetary evolution. Share my knowledge with those who want to know and help individuals to become free or make whoever you want independent. My experiences so far have allowed me to: ...Contribute to a project developers social in a Nicaraguan favela. ...Teach English, History, Art and Geography to the Indigenous people of the Amazonian jungle ...Supply food and water panela drink to the homeless people of Bogota, Colombia. ...Assist the inhabitants of Huai Xen in Laos in a search and rescue effort ...Offer anti-stress consultations in small villages in Japan. ...Bring joy and laughter to the children of the favelas of Southeast Asia. My areas of interest and study include: The techniques and practices of the Native American Seneca tribe and the ancient cultures of the Mexican Toltecs and Yaqui peoples The work of Roberto Zamperini and his Vibrational Energy Therapy course at C.R.E.S.S. (Center Research of Subtle Energies and Systems, located in Rome) which provided me with a substantial knowledge base of subtle anatomy.


Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Francesco Gandolfi at the Modena Kinesiopathy Center. This curriculum also included courses on "The Behavior-Mental Barometer" and "Wellness Beyond Stress, which cultivated an in-depth awareness about the processes that trigger stress and makes me so capable of stress-busting sessions.

Zero Point technology and Modern Quantum Theory with Loris Sichetti that taught me to compensate or balance the frequency of people’s energy fields. M.a.g.r.i.n method and its "Mindless State method, to find the true and profound fullness of an empty mind. Various ancient teachings of Indigenous Amazonian tribes, Hawaiian Kahuna traditions, Himalayan monks, (to understand the concept of presence), Vedic practices of India, TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Essene Medicine, and the order and hierarchy of the Energy rituals of Japan. I have collated all these studies and experiences into 2 original modalities:

1. Subtle Diagnosis : Making a Photograph of what is happening at various levels in a person such as balancing their physical, emotional, intellectual spheres, their strengths, weaknesses etc..

2. Quantum Packages and Level Techniques: A modality that allows me to update the definitions of the files of the human system.

At present, I am living between Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico offering private therapy sessions and workshops on Zero Point Technique, Huna Shamanism and my new Quantum Leap.


My Zero Point Technique explores the subtle anatomy of the human body in detail, it explains how energy operates in people and in the Universe and how to measure energy fields without tools. My students go through an initiation where they learn to feel with their sixth sense a new reality that offers more detailed information and possibilities. I teach them how to clean and balance all the energy fields, for themselves and others using Zero Point technology.

Huna Shamanism teaches us how to dialogue with our fears, unresolved emotions, unresolved issues of life and relationships. This is a step-by-step initiation to encounter your power animal known as a spirit guide. Once your animal or animals arrive, they are with you for life. They will assist you with healing aspects of your life while opening your intuitive channels to access information in the bioenergetic field.

The Six "Quantum Leap" Workshops elevates the Zero Point Technique and Huna Shamanism to a higher level of understanding and power adding a new dimension to my work. It increases the options for healing something using very masculine or very feminine modalities. It is a very complete and adaptable tool to each unique case and at the same time it is a direct expansion of my introductory classes.


My Quantum Therapy begins with a diagnosis of the client's overall health, checking their grounding, evaluating their nervous system, organs and chakras and listening to what is going on with them. Once the initial evaluation is complete, I do a deep clearing while looking for the weakest system. Next, I put together a strategy of permanent changes using the Quantum Packets. This reestablishes their grounding eliminating any self-sabotage programming to improve their overall health and lower any stress in their system. I use the Time Shift technique to heal personal, ancestral, and collective trauma and any issues related to those traumas. I tap into a persons moment of birth and develop it by cleaning the undigested inherited trauma a person is carrying for the lineage. Once this trapped energy is released from a persons field and allowed to flow, they can disconnect their mind from the trauma and use that stored energy for another a creative purpose. Releasing this trapped energy from a persons bio-energetic field is key to quantum healing. I also teach my clients how to use Zero Point technology and a few other self-diagnosis therapies so they can test what foods, stones, supplements are compatible for their bodies.

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