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Frecuently Asked Questions

Is the Quantum Therapy effective in the treatment of diseases?

Quantum Therapy works through the principle of balance, when we are out of balance, discomfort begins and illness occurs. If we restore balance, we will help the body-mind-emotion system to begin its  healing journey.

What should I expect in the first session?

During the first Quantum Therapy session, it is necessary to define a person’s weak and strong points. Once we have this diagnosis, I use various methodologies, maximizing, for example, the grounding (the connection to the earth) that, when it is high, helps to release stress and unnecessary things in life. Many other characteristics will be improved, such as the balance between the masculine and feminine sides (active mathematical side and receptive creative side) and to turn on a series of processes to cleanse and improve the efficiency of the brain, digestion, etc.. Clients will also learn self-therapies that they can use every day to improve their psycho-physical condition along with some personal "homework".

How do I register for one of the classes?

The classes are structured to work in a group, in order to experience various kinds of techniques working with other people. 

If you would like me to teach for an already existing group, feel free to contact me directly to schedule a time and date. 

It is also possible to book private classes or attend pre-scheduled classes. The classes will teach the methodologies I use in my private therapy practice. By practicing and following "the homework," these methodologies will  become stronger as effects.

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