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Quantum Feng Shui

The first Complete Quantum Feng Shui in the world.

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  • San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Description of the service

Quantum Feng Shui was born in 2023 from an idea of Ramon Sist: to use Quantum Therapy and its system to improve the quality and raise the quantity of energy in the various areas of a living space. Based on "classical" Feng Shui, Quantum Feng Shui (QFS), through a series of programmed cards, calls up certain energies to balance the various elements (water, earth, metal, wood, Fire) in each of the 9 areas including the essences of various "animals." Each card in the QFS is programmed and activated to balance both a specific living area and the person himself. In the person and the home will be transmuted all blockages and programming that limit the full "effectiveness" of any given area/aspect of life. What are Quantum Fengshui cards and how do they work? QFS cards are space balancers; they are programmed and activated, which means that "subtle" code made up of specific commands is added. They are based on the principle that the Universe in which you live is not the only one that exists. There are thousands and thousands of other Universes, and connected to each of them are thousands and thousands of Parallel Universes (alternate dimensions where something happened or did not happen or happened differently). Programming creates bridges between the universe in which you live and the Parallel Universe where cards have a certain function: for example, the ability to balance a specific area of the house. What concrete effects will Quantum Feng Shui have? Improving one's areas of life: work/career, emotional relationships, ancestors and family of origin, wealth and money, current family and health, friends and support, projects and creativity, self-awareness, fame and visibility, greater fluidity and greater connection with oneself. If you are interested in our product, please contact one of our Quantum Feng Shui experts to get more information and book a private consultation to get it installed in your space. If you are interested in our product, please contact me to get more information and receive the complete presentation document. I am available to install it in your space. "By improving the environment in which we live we will consequently improve the quality of our lives."

Contact details

  • San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico


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