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Programmed Water (via Quantum Diagrams)

Programmed water for healing

  • 1 min
  • Contact me for info
  • You will recieve a Quantum diagram for create your water (WhatsApp/Telegram)

Description of the service

The programmed water is a special water programmed by a healing technique for have one (or more) effect in you. There are many types of programs, for different kinds of effects. LIST OF AVAILABLE  WATER PROGRAMS: 1. Help to relax, recover and sleep (With this water you will improve the efficency of brain waves and the relax/recover/sleep processes) 2. Improve your grounding and presence (This water help you to increase your roots for release more fast unecessary tensions, emotions, etc.. and at the same time increasing your presence "you will be more here"). 3. Digest and integrate  (Good for digestion of food and for integrating knowledge and experiences. Also useful after studiyng). 4. Stimulate your intuition and higher self connection (This water helps you to connect to your intuition/higher self with the effect of increased "insights" and a clearer "path" of life). 5. Deep clean your energetic system: Chakras, Meridians, Extracorporal Centers, etc..  (This cleans  your entire energetic system. It is recommended to listen to it while in nature and/or when you are walking or doing some kind of movement especially the first time as a lot of congested energy will be released from your system. The effect will be of feeling more "yourself"). 6. Transmute fears and release old emotional traumas (The more you drink this water the more it can help you to transmute and release old traumas and fears). Minimum suggested use: 2 times at day For specific needs, you can request a customized treatment, for example: Muscular recovery after training, stimulate organ functioning or improve your capacity to learn new things, etc..) If you want to have an help in something just contact me and i will check if is possibile to create a water with the effects that you need. This service is offered through  Email/Wetransfer or WhatsApp/Telegram and you will receive a quantum diagram that you will use for activate the functions of your programed water. NOTE: Every programed water includes a base cleaning.

Contact details


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico

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