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Kahiki and Zero Point Technique Upgrades

Different services to maximize energy techniques.

  • 15 min
  • Contact me for info
  • You will recieve a Quantum diagram for create your water, and the audio tracks

Description of the service

Services for students of any level: Huna Shamanism, Zero Point Technique, Quantum Leap Modules 1-2-3-4-5. It is now possible to enhance and maximize one's own Kahiki and personal energetic techniques by drinking programmed water and using pre-recorded audio tracks. This package consists of 3 elements: A Quantum diagram used to create programmed drinking water and two separate audio tracks programmed through Quantum Therapy Techniques. These 3 combined elements help improve, amplify and maximize the experience and use of the Kahiki (and energy management such as the “Measure” of the Zero Point Technique, cleaning/balancing, etc..). The Kahiki will become stronger and each maneuver will be more effective (for example: Solving issues in the cave, manifesting through the column of light, the ability to communicate in the room for sharing, the relationship with the spirit animal and the use of the golden door with all elements updated in their characteristics and functioning) It is recommended to listen to the audio tracks a couple of times a day. For greater impact, increase the playback time and/or the number of sessions. How does this service work? This service is received remotely: The 3 elements that make up the package will arrive by WhatsApp/Telegram or email. How does the Quantum Diagram work? Touch it for an instant with a bottle (or other container) full of water with the diagram for the water to be programmed and ready to drink. (no need to print the diagram, it can be used directly from the screen). What is inside the water and on the audio tracks? The audio tracks and the water contain several Multidimensional Quantum Programs created with the purpose of improving Kahiki in all possible aspects and improving the ability to use the energy techniques that students learned in the class. What differences are there between the two audio tracks? The audio tracks contain the same programs but the music it is different, one is used to relax and the other to activate. How and when to use audio tracks? The tracks can be played before using the Kahiki for therapy readiness or for the purpose of just maximizing ones abilities. The audio tracks will ADAPT to what the person wants to do, and automatically dose the effects for the maximum result possible in the moment the tracks are played. NOTES: If you want help in something specific, just contact me and I will check to see if is possible to create a water with the effects that you are seeking.

Contact details


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico

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