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Help for Plants and Nature

A service for take care of the plants

  • 24 h
  • Contact me for info
  • You will recieve a Quantum diagram for create your water (Email/WhatsApp)

Description of the service

THE PLANTS. Plants are elements that, in addition to giving your spaces a good appearance and freshness, contribute to renewing the energy of the place where they are. They also contribute to the humidification of the environment, thus reducing the possibility of respiratory diseases and can also eliminate toxins from the air. Green plants and vegetation contribute to concentration and reduce the rate of disease, these living beings help the recovery of patients as they favor the mood and balance of people. The Swiss alchemist, physician, and astrologer Paracelsus maintained that "the healing power of plants emanated from their spirit (of the plants) made up of the cosmic impulses received from the constellations and planets." They release energy into the environment, optimizing the energy flow, helping to eliminate toxic and negative energies. Our plants are also a symbol of growth, life and abundance, they are associated with wood, which is an element that represents the energy of health, family and creativity in the Chinese tradition. This service, through programmed water, will help plants in several ways: Balancing their various components and improving their functions for the planet. Contents: A Quantum diagram that serves to create a water that will work on plants (flowers, trees, etc.), cleaning their toxic substances and balancing the various components. (The diagram is in jpg format). FAQ: How does this service work? This service is received remotely, please contact me. How does the Quantum Diagram work? Touch it for an instant with a bottle (or another container of maximum 50 liters) full of water and the water will be programmed and ready to be used by giving it to the plants (it is not necessary to print the diagram, it is possible to use it on the screen) . What is inside the water that is created? Water contains several Quantum programming that include: The transmutation of various toxic substances, the maximization of the production of Ether (the energy that at a subtle level we as humans use to feed ourselves) the balance of all organic systems and energy channels. NOTE: If you need help of any kind contact me to verify if it is possible to create a water/audio track.

Contact details


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico

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