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Energetic Cleanse and House Maintenance

Different services to keep the house energetically clean.

  • 24 h
  • Contact me for info
  • You will recieve the Quantum Diagrams for create your water and the generator

Description of the service

You will receive the Quantum Diagrams to create your “Happy Nest” and “Violet Flame” Water. Description of the service This package is used to improve the conditions of a house and keep it energetically clean. * A lighter atmosphere is perceived. * People who live inside the house sleep better and are able to detach from their own created thoughts and projections (for example: constant thoughts of fear, depressive states etc..). * Energetic congestions and psychic contamination are cleansed (for example: when a person has a very negative mentality). * The characteristics and decongestion capacity of the house itself improve. Contents: 1. A first Quantum diagram (Happy Nest) creates a frequency generator with a bottle or other closed container containing water. The water will become the vehicle from which an energy/vibration will constantly come to cleanse the energy of the house and raise its frequencies and characteristics. (The diagram is in jpg format). Put the “Happy Nest” Water in the main room where people spend most of their time or create several waters and put a generating water in each room (maximun 5 liter bottle/container) 2. The second Quantum Diagram (Violet Flame) creates a water to use to clean the house, the floors, the rooms, the ornaments, etc.. (maximun 20 liter bottle/tank) This water will transmute "heavy energies" connected to the objects and the physical structure of the place. (The diagram is in jpg format). FAQ: How does this service work? You will receive the Quantum Diagrams by email, Wetransfer, Whatsapp or Telegram. This service is received remotely, please contact me. How does the quantum diagram work? Touch it for an instant with a bottle (or other container) full of water and the water will be programmed and ready to use. In the case of the “Happy Nest” water, leave it in the main room of the house. In the case of the “Violet Flame” water, use it by adding it to the normal water to mop/clean (it is not more efficient to print the diagram, it can be used from the screen). What is inside the water? The water contains several Quantum programs inside that include: Transmutation through the Violet Flame, energy to melt attachments, some multidimensional maneuvers to transmute energy congestions.

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San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico

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