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"Agua Sanitatem" Package (water + audio)

Diagnosis + Custom programmed water + Cleaning audio track

  • 5 minutos
  • Contact me for info
  • You will recieve a Quantum diagram for create your water, audio and diagnosis

Description of the service

With this packet you will receive 3 different items. (Via Email, Wetransfer or WhatsApp/Telegram): 1. One complete diagnosis of all of your systems (includes grounding, nervous system, brainwaves, chakras, organs, birth traumas and lunar nodes) (Diagnosis delivered by a vocal audio recording and a document that you can print out). 2. One Quantum Diagram for your customized programmed water: The water will improve all of your characteristics. This therapy will both balance and improve the functioning of the the weak points in your system that were revealed in the previous step. (Diagram delivered in jpg or pdf format). 3. One programmed audio track to assist you in cleaning your energetic system. (Audio track is in mp3 format). Minimum suggested use: 2 times at day FAQ: How does this service work? This is a remote service: It is only necessary to send a photo of the person that is requesting the diagnosis. How does the Quantum Diagram work? The water will be programmed by placing it in contact with the diagram. (no need to print the image, it is possible use it directly from the screen of your cellphone/tablet/computer). NOTES: For particular needs, you can request a customized diagram, for example: Muscular recovery after training, assist functioning of particular organs, improve capacity to learn new things, etc..) If you want to have help in something particular, just contact me and I will check to see if is possible to create a water with the effects that you need. If after using this service you want to continue this “modality,” I offer a 1 month therapy packet which includes 4 programmed waters with 4 audio tracks.

Contact details


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Messico

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